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Pattaya – Racer Shoots Down Competitor After Losing Race (well, yeah!)

Via: Pattaya

At the scene, Police found the body of a male who was SHOT 7 TIMES on his head, back and breast. He was later identified as 25 year-old Watchara Chuensiri.

The girlfriend of Mr. Watchara cried and hugged his dead body.

Police found bullet cartridges sized at 9 and 11 mm. It was reported that he had been in a race where he bet money with the man who shot him. After he had won the race, the loser which was the other man, didn’t want to pay the money. Mr. Watchara then exchanged words with man, moments later, he was shot.

Witnesses told the police that a group of suspects drove a Honda car to the incident scene to shoot Mr. Watchara.

The witness also told the police that he at first was target by the gunmen, but he told that he wasn’t Mr. Watchara. (No, No, No. Not me – HIM!)

The gunmen then targeted their real target, which was Mr. Watchara. They then opened fire at Mr. Watchara, Mr. Watchara also returned fire with his gun, but he couldn’t fight the 3 suspects.

After he shot down, the gunmen then repeatedly shot at his body to ensure his death. (Hey ya never know, could’ve been a Zombie.)

The director of Chon Buri police went to investigate the incident himself and revealed that the suspects were racers who bet money. He also revealed that the SAME suspects committed murder 2 months ago.

Police are now chasing the suspects and will do their best to prosecute them in the highest order. (okay, I believe that)





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