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Pattaya – Banana Boat Collides with Man,Tears off Ear – Dead Duck!


Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Attharos Khrongrach, Investigation Officer of Pattaya police station, was informed that there was an accident at Jomtien beach.

It was reported that a banana boat collided with Thai man. Which fatally injured the man.

The owner of the boat and the municipal officer brought the injured back to shore and called an ambulance to aid him to Bangkok-Pattaya hospital. Police then sent out a team to investigate the incident.

The man was then sent to Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital’s emergency room where he was immediately treated by doctors and nurses. It was reported that his left ear was torn and that he was bleeding heavily. Doctors tried to pump his heart, but the injuries were so severe that he couldn’t endure the pain. Moments later, he ultimately died at the emergency room. The man was later identifed as 36 year-old Phitak Ad-on.

Meanwhile at the scene, Police were question Mr. Athichai Boonjit, age 22, the driver of the banana boat. He said that before the incident occurred, the sea leveled rose making him have to park the boat near the shore. As he was about to arrive at the shore, he felt as if he has collided with something, he then turned back to see what he had collided with. He shockingly found the body of Mr. Phitak who was floating in the sea. He described to the police that Mr. Phitak’s was pale and that his left ear was torn off, he believes that his ear was torn off by the boat’s propellor. He immediately took Mr. Phitak to shore and asked locals to call an ambulance and the police.


Oh, I hate when that happens!



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