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Thailand – Two Elephants fight to the death at Jomtien Elephant Park


Via: Pattaya One

On Thursday Morning two male elephants fought to the death at a popular Elephant Park in Na-Jomtien as workers and tourists looked on, powerless to stop the two large mammals who were reportedly fighting over a female elephant who was ready to mate.

The fight was between a 30 year old elephant named as “Pai Noi”, who had been purchased from a park in Surin Province for the purpose of mating with the female elephant at the Khao Chi Chan Elephant Park in Na-Jomtien, and “Pai Sombong” aged 69, who transports tourists around the park on a daily basis.

As the younger elephant broke free from chains in the morning as staff prepared the mammals for the day ahead, the fight began and workers were powerless to stop them and could only ensure that tourists were kept well-away from the battle which took place.

The older elephant sustained a fatal wound to the stomach which exposed his intestines. “Pai Sombong” collapsed and later in the morning, died. “Pai Noi” was shot with a tranquilizer dart and chained to a tree before regaining consciousness.

The Chief of Sattahip District visited the park to investigate the incident and to ensure that a similar deadly confrontation does not take place, which could put the lives of tourists in danger.

He also witnessed a funeral service for the 69 year old elephant whose tusks were removed, not to be sold but to be kept by the park. It is considered good luck to keep the tusks of an elderly elephant who dies.

The park continues to operate as normal and we have been told that the younger elephant will be returned to Surin Province where it was purchased from.



Pai Noi” – bad, bad, BAD elephant!



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