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Thailand – bad-bad-BAD! Schoolgirls and Their Pimp


Via: Pattaya Daily News

On March 26, 2013, a police “sting” operation resulted in the arrests of three girls and a male pimp for underage prostitution. The sting was conducted by the detective police team section 2, Chonburi province, who made the plan to do the lure purchase of underage girls selling sexual services.

The male pimp was identified as Mr. Ronnakorn Boonwibul, age 52, living on Soi Ratphadoong, Tambon Bangplasoi, Amphur Meuang, Chonburi province. Undercover officers had arranged an appointment with him to bring the three teen girls at 3 p.m. to a parked car in Chalermphrakiet public park, Moo 2 Tambon Samed, Amphur Meuang, Chonburi.

At 3 p.m., Mr. Ronnakorn drove up in red Suzuki motorbike, with a 14-year-old girl riding with him as his passenger. She was wearing jeans shorts and a black, long-sleeve shirt. Mr. Ronnakorn parked beside the unmarked police car of the undercover officers, and “girl A” (alias) got in the car. Then two more teen girls drove up on a motorbike, “girl B” (alias) and “girl C” (alias). They also got in the car to sit together with girl A.

Mr. Ronnakorn then received 4,500 THB ($150 USD) in payment for providing the girls. He started driving his motorbike to leave, but was stopped by nearby concealed officers, who showed themselves to make the arrest. Officers seized the cash payment as evidence of the lure purchase.

During questioning, Mr. Ronnakorn told police that he worked as a technician to repair appliances. He had contacted the girl students at a Chonburi secondary school who wanted to earn money during the school vacation, and agreed to provide sexual services. During questioning by police, girl A, age 14, a secondary school student grade 2, confessed that she had done this three times previously, to get money to play games, buy beautiful clothes and go traveling. Girl B, age 15, a secondary school student grade 2; and girl C, age 16, secondary school student grade 3; confessed that this was their first time selling sexual services.

They had been persuaded by girl A, and both of them also wanted to have money to go traveling during the school vacation. (how about jail instead, DUMMIES?)

The police charged Mr. Ronnakorn with an accusation of arranging for children age under 18 to sell sexual services, and sent the three girls to prosecute further according to the law.



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  1. I am glad to read about Thailand’s law enforcement working hard to stop minor prostitution. Out of every where I have traveled, Thailand is my favorite place on earth and it saddens me that it also has a terrible reputation for minor prostitution (among many other forms of exploiting the child/women of that country).

    Is it common for the Thai police to investigate and stop rings of child prostitution?

    Comment by JackTuxedoKat | March 28, 2013 | Reply

    • Yes, I would say it;s fairly common for Thai police to stop child prostitution.

      However, it seems to crop again the very next day.

      Not good at all.

      Comment by seattle99 | March 28, 2013 | Reply

  2. But the girls get prosecuted? These children should be classed as victims of abuse and sexual exploitation. The only people to face prosecution should be those organizing the sale and those wanting to purchase sex with a child. Teenage victims of sexual exploitation often do not identify themselves as such but there is much work to do with young people (all over the world not just in Thailand) to educate young people, raise their aspirations and protect them from adults who are willing to pay to abuse them or who want to make money from this industry.

    Comment by mushette | March 28, 2013 | Reply

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