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(1 of 2) Chiang Mai – Chinese Tourists Behaviour Gets SLAMMED by Chiang Mai Residents


Via: City News = Chiang Mai

Following the success of the Chinese blockbuster movie Lost in Thailand, Chiang Mai has become a main touristic destination for Chinese people. This sudden influx of Chinese tourists, in spite of its economic advantages, is not to everyone’s liking it seems.

According to a feature published on the South China Morning Post website last Thursday, numerous Chiang Mai residents are APPALLED by the general attitude of the tens of thousands Chinese tourists flowing into the city since the release of the movie last year. According to reports many Thais working in the tourist industry find Chinese tourists’ behaviour “disturbing and rude”, others have referred to “cultural clashes”, says the South China Morning Post.

The newspaper reported that Chinese tourists are “loud”, and have a “tendency to not flush the toilet”, it is also reported in the paper that Chinese tourists throw litter over their balcony or often sleep too many guests to a room. One high-end hotel owner in Chiang Mai also agreed with this, telling CityNews that his Chinese guests often didn’t eat in the hotel, did their own laundry, and slept many to a room in order to save money.

Locals, the newspaper reported, have also criticised the driving habits of the Chinese saying that they have no respect for the highway code and often suddenly stop in the middle of busy roads. The Chiang Mai Governor’s office recently issued a report stating that they would try and help tourists understand safe driving rules,but also adding “especially Chinese tourists”.

Public behavior has also been criticised, such as habits like spitting, littering and queue-jumping.

This news article provoked some reactions from internet users within China who for the most part agreed with the Thai criticism. Nonetheless, this kind of extreme generalising, and you might add racism, is bound to upset a lot of people, and perhaps backfire for those doing the criticising.

One thing is certain, and that is that the number of Chinese tourists will rise. 1.5 million Chinese are expected to visit the kingdom by 2014, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. One Thai who was quoted in the South China Morning Post article said that the Thai government should “work with the Chinese consulate to better educate its tourists”. (‘DOOMED to FAIL’. Why? Because they just don’t care. PERIOD)




Several years ago I was having the luch buffet at the Chinese owned, Empress Hotel.

The next table was a group (8-10 Chinese) from I’m guessing Taiwan or Hong Kong.

Well half way through the meal a young boy, maybe three, had to go to the toilet. The mother got up, took the boy to a potted plant, pulled his pants down, . . .

Q: How do you teach tourists not do that?

A: You don’t.



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  1. I am a Chinese from Singapore. The PRCs do that kinda thing here too.. what a shame.

    Comment by David Heng | March 5, 2013 | Reply

    • First of all, thank you for you comment.


      There are a couple of major differences between Singapore and Chiang Mai.

      1) Singapore is a major metroploitan city (country), and Chiang Mai is a ‘relatively’ small city. It appears to me anyway, Chiang Mai is being overrun by the sheer number of PRC tourists.

      2) The Chiang Mai people rightfully pride themselves on being ‘friendly’ to all visitors; but man, right now, it’s a major challence!


      Comment by seattle99 | March 6, 2013 | Reply

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