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Pattaya – Kazakh crashes motorbike, is run over by bus. PERIOD

Via: Pattaya Daily News


At 9:30 a.m., a report of a motorbiker getting killed by a tour bus was received by Pol. Sub. Lt. Anocha Nanthachai, investigation officer, Pattaya police station. He rushed to inspect the scene with the police team and the rescue officers of Sawangboribultharmmasatharn Pattaya foundation.

The incident occurred on third Pattaya road, at the beginning of Soi Chalermphrakiet 23 in central Pattaya. Police arrived at the scene in front of Nongyai Karnkha shop.

They discovered the body of foreigner, identified as Mr. Rustem Sadri, age 33, nationality Kazakhstan. The victim was lying face down in the middle of the road, wearing the work uniform of Tez Tour Co. Ltd. The foreigner was wearing a helmet, but his skull had been crushed from the wheels of the bus (yup, that’ll do it, all right), leaving brain fragments dispersed on the road. There were also wounds on his legs.

The victim’s fallen motorbike was beside his body, a grey bronze Honda PCX. The other motorbike involved in the accident was a 3-wheeled blue Honda Wave 100, parked on the side of the road in front of the shop.

About 100 meters from the victim’s body was the Heno tour bus that killed him. It is owned by the Natthaphol Traveling Co., Ltd., and was carrying 30 Malaysian tourists  (man, I bet they took a MILLION photos!) at the time of the accident. The driver was standing by the bus and waiting for the police. He was identified as Mr. Somsak Nootsathit, age 62.

The driver told police that the tourists had just visited the World Gems Co., Ltd. in north Pattaya, and he was taking them to the Cheejan Temple “Buddha” mountain in south Pattaya.

Mr. Somsak said the foreign motorbiker had been following the tour bus, and then tried to overtake his bus on the left lane. But the foreigner collided with a 3-wheeled motorbike parked on the side of the road. So the foreigner fell off his motorbike, and was instantly killed when his body and head were run over by the left rear wheel of the tour bus.

After their initial investigation, the police assumed that the victim worked at Tez Tour Co., Ltd. a well-known tourism company in Pattaya. Witnesses confirmed that the foreigner had tried to pass the bus on the left lane, but encountered a three-wheeled motorbike parked on the side of the road in front of the Nongyai Karnkha shop.

However, the police will question the bus driver further as well as the owner of the Nongyai Karnkha shop, before they reach a conclusion as to the cause of the accident.



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