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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Drunk Belgian Freeloader Ousted (see photo) by New Bar Owner


Via: Pattaya One

Just before 1.45am on Saturday, Police were called to the Lucky Star Beer Bar on Pattaya Beach in front of Soi 8 to deal with a Belgian patron who was accused of stealing money from a tip-box situated at the front of a sound stage.

Mr. Jos De Smet aged 52, a former Police Officer from Belgium, was accused of stealing 800 Baht from the Tip Box . . .

AD IS FURTHER ACCUSED of using 400 Baht of the money to pay for his drinks before he left the bar.

As he left he was stopped by the Bar Manager Khun Pisan aged 32 and the female singer Khun Gidapar aged 40 and was asked to accompany them the short distance to Pattaya Police Station at the front of Soi 9 on Pattaya Beach.

He refused and when Police arrived, he decided to go.

When he arrived at the Police Station, he was taken to the 2nd Floor investigation room where he was subjected to a search. A Police Corporal wanted to search Mr. De Smet’s trouser pockets but was prevented from doing so by Mr. De Smet who was in a heavily intoxicated state.

At this point he became violent and is alleged to have attempted to throw the Corporal out of the 2nd floor window.

LUCKILY the window was partially closed. Mr. De Smet then attempted to leave the station but was stopped by the Bar Manager who was also nearly thrown out of the window.

At this point other officers arrived and were eventually able to handcuff the Belgian who was taken straight to the cells after the contents of his trouser pocket, a mobile phone and 3,450 Baht in cash were seized as evidence. (not only is a thief, but a cheap bastard!)

Mr. De Smet was charged with assaulting Police, theft and resisting arrest and awaits a Court appearance on Monday.


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