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Pattaya – dazed Russian (are there any other kind?) Wakes Up Babbling On The Beach

Via: Pattaya Daily News

a report of an unconscious foreign tourist lying on Pattaya beach who may have been drugged was received by Pol. Lt. Vitsanu Chaisuwan, Deputy Inspector, Pattaya police station, Chonburi province. He rushed to inspect the scene with a police team and the Pattaya tourism police.

The man was lying on the beach about 100 meters from Royal Garden Plaza department store in south Pattaya. When arriving at the scene, police discovered many Thai and foreign tourists standing around and gazing at the passed-out Russian man who appeared very drunk or drugged (drugged or drunk, really?).

There was a wig and cigarettes lying beside his body. But police searched his body and uncovered nothing except a small camera bag, but there was no camera inside. The police tried to wake the man up, but he didn’t wake up.

So the police questioned nearby witnesses, who said they saw this Russian man had gotten drunk and came out from Walking Street road with a beautiful ladyboy with white skin color and a tattoo on his back. They walked together and sat down to talk to each other. Then the ladyboy left him and walked to a motorbike-for-hire to take her back to the entrance of Walking Street.

Meanwhile, the Russian man was passed out on Pattaya beach. So the witnesses thought that this man was drugged by the ladyboy who stole all his property then escaped, so they notified the police.

The police tried to wake up this Russian man, in order to ask for information from him whether he was drugged and had been robbed by the ladyboy or not, but he still didn’t wake up.

So the police called the rescue officer of Sawangboribul Pattaya foundation to perform first aid on him, and to bring him to the hospital to check up his body. But when the rescue officer arrived, suddenly the Russian man woke up and shouted drunkenly and said that it doesn’t matter.

The officers tried to ask him whether he had been drugged and had his property stolen, but the Russian talked about things that could not be understood because he was so drunk. But he said that he is O.K. and want to go back to the hotel room, and asked for his cigarettes back to smoke.

The police assumed that this foreign man was not drugged but he got severely drunk and slept, and after waking up he was still drunk (drunk, really?). So the tourism police assisted to bring this Russian man to his hotel room





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