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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – Man BUSTED for Brutally Murders Thai Loh Kroh Bar Worker

Via: Chiang Mai –  City News

A Pakistani man has been arrested at Suvarnabhuni Airport in connection with the murder of Duangduern Harris.

Police say the man was in possession of goods belonging to the murdered Loi Kroh bar owner.

The man in question is 41 year old Syed Muhammad Ali. According to the investigation, Ali left Chiang Mai for Bangkok and then Had Yai and Songkhla. Had Yai Police station discovered that Ali was about to leave Thailand on Sri Lanka Airlines 25th October on a 7 a.m. flight.

When immigration police stopped Ali at the airport Harris’s belongings were found in his luggage, including a gold necklace, bangles, and a digital camera. The police arrested him and sent him back to Chiang Mai City police station to await prosecution.

On 18th October, around 5.51 p.m, Chiang Mai City Police Station received a call that a woman had been brutally murdered at a guesthouse on Kochasarn Road, Chang Klan.


Police arrived at the scene with a rescue team and autopsy officers from Maharaj Nakorn Chaing Mai Hospital, where they found the naked body of a woman covered in blood on the bed, with a pillow over her face. Police also discovered pieces of a broken beer bottle, a used condom and the victim’s underwear next to the bed, as well as an unused condom and bloody towel in the toilet, however police couldn’t find the victim’s clothes.

The medical team checked the body and found bruises on her right shoulder and head. Her neck had also been tied with a rope and cut deeply with a piece of the broken bottle.

The body was later identified as that of Duangduern Harris, 41, a bar owner in the Loy Kroh area.

The investigation revealed that a guesthouse maid found the victim’s body when she came to clean the room, which had been rented by a dark-skinned, tall Indian man who had checked in at around 7.30 p.m. on 14th October. On 17th October, a hotel worker claims to have seen the man return to his room with the victim.

The police have so far reported that the man met the victim at her bar and brought her back to his room where they had sex.

It is thought he then tied a rope around her neck, cut her throat with the piece of bottle, and then suffocated her with a pillow.

After that he is believed to have taken the victim’s valuables before turning the air-conditioner to a very low temperature and leaving the guesthouse.



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