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Pattaya – Two Turks Caught Using Fake ATM Cards

Via: Pattaya Daily News

September 15, 2012 [PDN]; at 10 a.m., the arrest of two Turkish men using fake ATM cards was announced by Pol. Col. Thammanoon Munkong, Superintendent, Pattaya police station, Chonburi province; Pol. Lt. Col. Kierttisak Sathongoy, Deputy Superintendent; Pol. Lt. Col. Chitdecha Songhong, Inspector; and Pol. Capt. Jamras Thongjinda, Deputy Inspector; with a police team.

The suspects were identified as Mr. Orhan Winfrey Bel, age 33, nationality Turkish, and Mr. Ercan Scumbag, age 27, nationality Turkish. Police seized the evidence of six fake ATM cards and 50,000 THB ($1,613USD) cash.

Pol. Col. Thammanoon revealed that the special subduing crime police team had detected that two foreigners were using fake bank cards to withdraw money from Pattaya ATMs.

The police pursued their investigation until they found Mr. Orhan and Mr. Ercan trying to withdraw money at the ATM machine of SCB bank, located at the beginning of Soi AR, central Pattaya road, Moo 9 Tambon Nong Preu.

After their arrests, the defendants confessed that they got the fake ATM cards from their friend in Turkey. They entered Thailand on September 8 posing as tourists (‘posing as tourists?’ Saying THIEVE, possibly not good, huh?).

The pair then used the fake ATM cards to withdraw money from Pattaya ATMs and withdrew MANY millions of THB ( a million baht is $32,258 USD) .

They took 30 percent of the stolen cash as their share, and sent the rest to their friend in Turkey.

The police charged them in an initial accusation of making fake electronic cards as the whole card or some parts of the card, adding or deleting wording or modifying real electronic cards; and having used or intending to use the cards while knowing they are counterfeit.

The suspects were sent to the investigation officer to prosecute further according to the law.



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