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Thailand – The scandal of British pensioners

Via: Andrew Drummand

Is the British government condemning a large group of senior citizens to an early and excruciatingly painful death?

Almost certainly it is playing a part, but health services and insurance companies are also to blame and among the worst hit are pensioners in Thailand.

The major part of the scandal is that the British government is refusing to pay cost of living increments to British pensioners living here even though they are clearly not a day to day drain on goverment resources.


That means a British pensioner who took his pension 10 years ago – is still getting the same pension. British pensioners living say in Europe get the full year on increments.The case has been fought at the European Court in the Hague so far without any success.

British pensions are also frozen in around 170 other countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand but not strange enough, the United States or the Philippines.

This is despite the fact that the British Foreign Office itself categorises Bangkok as a ‘hardship posting’ and provides hardship allowances to Embassy staff. And for Bangkok the allowance kicks in at about half an expat Brit’s government pension!

This despite the fact that severe restrictions are placed on consular staff stopping them from over-assisting British nationals.


The result is that many pensioners, many of whom had frittered money away on their Thai families, on land deals and failed farm projects, cannot even cover the rising costs of living in Thailand let alone the cost of expensive private medical care, even the cheapest package.


It gets WORSE; read more, HERE:.



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