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Phuket – Quebec sisters died in Thailand from drinking DEET

Via: CBC News

The death earlier this year in Thailand of two sisters from Quebec was caused by drinking a cocktail that contained the insect repellent DEET, an autopsy concluded.

Results of the autopsy at a Bangkok hospital have not been publicly released, but they were shown to reporters for CBC’s French-language news network.

According to the report, 20-year-old Audrey and Noémi Bélanger, 25, had DEET in their bodies that they had ingested.

Though the chemical is a potentially neurotoxic mosquito repellent, it is used as an ingredient in a euphoria-inducing cocktail that is popular among youth in Thailand.

The drink contains cough syrup, Coke, DEET and ground up kratom leaves, which are a mild narcotic indigenous to Thailand.

It is thought that an overdose of DEET was accidentally mixed into the young women’s drinks.

They had just arrived on the Thai island of Phi Phi and were last seen partying with two Brazilian friends in the early morning of June 13. Forty-eight hours later, when staff at their hotel hadn’t seen them emerge from their room, a receptionist called police.


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I’m still confused:

1. Did they order, ‘the drink that contains cough syrup, Coke, DEET and ground up kratom leaves”?

2. Was it an accident they got the drink with the DEET?

3. I’ve accidently had DEET on my fingers when I eat something, and it tastes TERRIBLE! Why didn’t they notice?



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