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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – A Doctor Gets His Car Stolen After Kissing a Girl’s Breasts

Via: Chiang Mai – City News

The woman, Krittiya, aka Tam (26), had been in Warm Up Café with Krisapong Bamrungwong (28) and later they headed to a flat to make love, police say.

It is believed that while at the flat the woman rubbed liquid sleep medication on her breasts, and after making out for a while the doctor had been out to sleep (oh, I hate when that happens!), police said.

After looking at security cameras police arrested the woman. The doctor’s car was found parked outside Chom Doi II Condominium on Irrigation Canal Road, where the girl’s friend lived.

The police told the press that the girl had done this scam MANY TIMES before and each time had picked a victim with an important job, usually in the civil service, so that they wouldn’t report the crime to the police for fear of embarrassment.

The police visited Krittiya’s house in Lamphun only to find parents who said they weren’t sure where their daughter was, and that they thought she might be living with her boyfriend in Sammutprakan.



I’m thinkin’ the two on the right – GUILTY!



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