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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – 500,000 Baht for Leads to Capture Daughter’s Murderer from 12 Years Ago, Says Kirsty Jones’ Mother

Via: City News

On the 10thAugust 2000 the body of Kirsty Sarah Jones, a 24 year old Welsh backpacker in her second month of a one year, round the world, travel, was found brutally raped and murdered in Aree Guesthouse, Chiang Mai.

The case received international attention and with mounting pressure from the press, the Chiang Mai police were accused of conducting a ‘shambolic police investigation’ (I know, hard to believe, huh?) according to the BBC. One suspect after another – mostly western– were paraded in front of the press, before lack of evidence forced the police to move on to the next suspect.

Within a couple of weeks, Dr. Tanin Bhoopat, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Forensic Medicine, had announced that the DNA evidence recovered from the body was that of an Asian male.

In spite of this scientific evidence police continued to focus their investigation on westerners. Colonel Suthep Dejraksa, one of the investigating detectives at the time theorised that evidence was planted in the victim, “the farang murderer must have bought some Thai sperm from a tuk tuk driver,” he told Citylife magazine at the time. His claim was immediately disputed by Dr. Tanin who insisted that the evidence could not have been planted.

Today, Lieutenant General Suthep Dejraksa has risen to position of Commissioner of the 5thRegion Police.

He told CityNews two months ago that he still stood behind his theory that the guesthouse’s English owner, Andrew Gill, was the culprit and that the Asian DNA was planted.


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