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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – Noodle Soup ‘mmmm mmmmm good’

Via: City News – Chiang Mai

On June 8th, representatives of the Chiang Mai Health Department met at the Mercure Hotel to discuss health regulations, with specific regards to noodle shops in Chiang Mai. 300 noodle vendors that had passed the department’s health regulations were also in attendance.

Public health chief, Dr. Wattana Kanchanakaamon opened the meeting with a speech on the development of the health standards of noodle vendors. Dr. Wattana stated that in this new day and age, dietary trends had changed, with noodle vendors playing an increasingly significant role.

However, the continued and increased consumption of noodles with no knowledge of the potential toxins in the food was also detrimental to public health.

Following hopes that Chiang Mai would have clean and safe food by 2016, the Health Department urged all parties to continue their efforts in meeting health standards in food preparation.

Deputy chief Dr. Surasing Wisarutrat also revealed a number of revealing statistics: Chiang Mai currently has over 2,500 noodle vendors, a number which will very likely increase, especially in the form of franchise cart noodle vendors.


After health regulation inspections in 25 districts in Chiang Mai, officials found:

– 22% of vendors used used lead pots

– 22% used noodles with excessive levels of preservatives containing Benzoid

– 58.7% used vegetables with high levels of pesticides

– 26% of vendors used vinegar that did not meet standards

– 96.4% used foam packaging

– 64% used plates, bowls, or chopsticks that had expired or were not of hygienic quality

-37% Coliform bacteria was found on the hands of workers



– one (one???) noodle vendor failed to meet standards at a rate as low as 59.4%




personal thought:

EVERY YEAR, there are stories like this, and EVERY YEAR there are more and more noodle shops – I mean, it just doesn’t seem to get better.




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