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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – The River Market

Via: The Dining Guide

Chiang Mai’s dining scene has just been enriched by what can probably be called the most outstanding dining venue ever built in the city, The River Market.  It is unique not only for its location on the river next to the Iron Bridge, one of the most photographed places in Chiang Mai. It is also one of the largest restaurants in town, with more than 750 Sq. meters arranged on two floors. Built in traditional Thai-Burmese architecture, the building contains a lot of wooden elements, made almost exclusively from recycled wood. The place is laid out to emphasize natural ventilation throughout the place so it always feels comfortably cool despite the lack of air condition.

The cuisine served at The River Market is predominantly Thai, but also includes popular Japanese dishes, such as Sushi, which can either be ordered to the table or eaten at the separate Sushi bar. The Thai food is traditional, but with a touch of fusion added to it and in accordance with the customer’s preferred level of spiciness. The clearly laid-out menu includes all the classic Thai dishes, such as rice and noodle dishes, soups and curries, fish and seafood, and a large selection of salads (“Yum”). One of the highlights and many diners’ favorite is the Thai BBQ which is prepared on the open grill for everyone to watch.  The choice of meats includes beef, lamb, pork and chicken.


Best of all, the prices are astoundingly reasonable.That is part of the restaurant’s concept since the very beginning,and can be explained by the insight and long-time Chiang Mai experience of the venue’s co-founder, David Anichowski, also the owner of Chiang Mai’s leading and highly successful American restaurant, The Duke’s.

David’s concept for his new project is as clear. ‘We wanted to create a family-friendly place where diners can enjoy original Thai food at reasonable prices in a comfortable atmosphere and a great setting’.

Pointing to the Iron Bridge, just a stone’s throw away from the restaurant and illuminated by the setting sun, David explains ‘We basically took up the concept of the traditional Thai food market which people have come to love, both Thais and foreigners. From there we have selected the most popular Thai dishes, perfected them with our own style, and now offer them here in a clean and comfortable setting, easily accessible to everyone.’



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