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Thailand – PM Informs BBC Reporter The Political Situation Remains Stable

Via: Pattaya Deaily News

Shangri-la hotel Mr. Peter Horrock, BBC World News asked Ms. Yinglak Shinnawatra, the Thai Prime Minister at the recent World Economic Forum on East Asia about the current Thai politic situation. The Thai Prime Minister replied that Thailand is now STABLE now is stable although had some contradiction but it comes out in the way of parliament process and the government will be progress as much as possible and had intention to move Thailand forward for the usefulness of the people in general.

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And meanwhile, Via BBC:

‘Thailand’s ‘yellow shirts’ block parliamentary debate’

Protesters in Thailand have blocked parliament to postpone debate on a reconciliation bill designed to ease a six-year political crisis.

The anti-government “yellow-shirt” group fear that a proposed amnesty would allow deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to return.

Parliament’s Speaker said the debate would be shelved until the situation improved.

Mr Thaksin lives in self-imposed exile in Dubai.

“I have ordered the meeting to be postponed indefinitely to preserve the atmosphere and peace in the country,” House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont told reporters.

“We’ll have to analyse the situation before determining when the meeting will be held again.”

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A term the GI’s came up with in WW-II was, ‘SNAFU‘:

The ‘politically correct’ version was ‘Situation Normal All Fouled Up’, the ‘politically incorrect’ version was, well you figure it out.


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