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Thailand Gets Low University Ranking

Via: City News – Chiang Mai

CityNews – A recent report by Universitas 21, a leading research group that ranks universities, put Thailand in 41st place out of 48 countries for the standard of university education.

The rankings are based on 20 components that include government investment and also investment by the private sector. USA, Sweden, Canada, Finland and Denmark were the top five countries, while in Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore were the highest ranked but failed to get into the top ten.

The results are based on what each country “provides” in quality education, not results achieved by an aggregate of institutions in a country. For more information on how the results were compiled follow the hyperlink above.

Thailand universities, according to Webometrics, that collates data based on performance, quality of education and some other non-academic variables, ranks Thai universities quite low on a global scale. The highest ranked is Kasetsart University in Bangkok at 140, Chulalongkorn is second at 173, while the highest ranked northern university is Chiang Mai University at 236.

Other northern schools of higher education fall a long way behind in the 1,500+ region.


personal thought:

And when you see similiar studies for high school students, you can see it is NOT improving.




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