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Pattaya – Trannies Caught Pickpocketing S’porean

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol.Maj.Col. Kowit Wawatmongkol Pattaya police station Chonburi, arrested Mr.Chantakarn Somparndee a 19-years-old transgender from 101/3 moo 12 ,tambon Pongtao, Lampang, and her transgender friend.

The police arrested and brought them in for interrogation concerning pickpocketing Mr. Daryl Chin’s a 31-years-old Singaporean on the Walking Street, South Pattaya.

When they left the pub and walked out on the street they ran into TEN trans women, standing there, like waiting to sell themselves. They came to smooch and hug him, but he and his friend didn’t pay attention and tried to walk away.

Suddenly he noticed that his wallet had been pick pocketed. He tried to get it back but the transgender’s were sending his wallet from one to another and they got away.

Mr. Chin and his friend managed to catch two of them: Mr.Chantakarn, the transgender and his friend. They took the duo to the police station.

The police questioned Mr.Chantakarn, and his friend, they said they were just scapegoats but the police was not convinced, because there was a witness, a motorbike rider.

Later Mr. Chantakarn agreed that she would call her Lao transgender friend who ran away with the wallet. Mr. Chantakarn would bring back the wallet to the owner provided the victim and the police would drop the charges.

The S’porean’s wallet was returned but 4,000 THB ($130 USD) and a credit card was missing, however he did not press charges.



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