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Pattaya- ‘just another day in Paradise’

Via: Pattaya Daily News

It was reported by parents who were walking their kids to school in Chaiyapruk Village, Soi Songpol, Bangsare on Sukhumvit road that a naked mentally disturbed man was walking around Chaiyapruk village, trespassing in to people’s houses scaring children, women and old people.

The PDN reporter found a middle aged man, age circa 40, dark complexion, short hair, beard and Indian like features. He was naked. There were some male villagers preventing the man from entering their houses. They were afraid that he would hurt someone.

The reporter tried to talk the naked, mentally disturbed man. But he replied using a vulgar language. He was also mumbling something which sounded religious and making gestures which looked like he was worshiping some gods. The villagers though he had gone mad.

A witness. Mrs. Sai Theetong, age 54 a villager said, she had never seen this man before. When he appeared she was scared because she was alone at home. So she locked her door. A hour later the man was still standing at the same spot. Finally, a municipality officer arrived and took him away.

Bansare municipality will check if this person is insane. If found mentally insane he will be transferred Sri Thanya mental hospital.





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