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Pattaya – 21 Million Baht ($677,000 USD) multinational Email scammers arrested

Via: Pattaya One

A Laos national was allegedly scammed out of 21 Million Baht by a group of three foreign nationals who used a popular email scam technique to persuade the victim to send the money which would be used to obtain paperwork which would unlock funds totaling 2 Million US Dollars held in a United Nations account.

As part of the process, the Laos woman would have to marry the email sender, who falsely claimed to be an Admiral in the US Navy (see photo).

The Laos victim realized it was a scam after she had sent the money and reported the crime to Police in Nong Khai, Province in the North-East of Thailand, where she resides. In cooperation between the Tourist Police in Nong Khai and Region 2 Police, it was determined that the 21 Million Baht had been sent to bank accounts owned by a Russian National, Miss Yulia Maksimova aged 24 and Mr. Pual Michael aged 42 from Mozambique and in cooperation with the banks it was determined the money had been withdrawn from Pattaya.

All 3 suspects involved in the alleged scam were arrested at View Talay Condominium in Jomtien. Miss Maksimova and Mr. Michael were joined by another suspect who was carrying two passports, one from Nigeria and the other from Zambia under the names of Mr. Biodun Agbajeola aged 40 and Mr. Abiton Tembo aged 31.

Items were seized including ATM cards from banks around the world and although the suspects deny any involvement in the scam, they have been charged with fraud and will be transferred to Nong Khai Police for further processing.



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Thailand – Air unsafe in five northern provinces

Via: The Nation

The particles referred to by the department are PM10 (particulate matter 10 micrometres) or smaller.

Lampang had the highest reading, at 235.3 micrograms per cubic metre of air. Safe levels of PM10 particles are considered to be 120 micrograms per cubic metre or less.

NOTE: Both the US and the EU consider has set the number at 50, NOT 120! But then again, the US and the EU haven’t had nearly as many Noble laureates as Thailand. (yeah, right)

The four other provinces with seriously high levels of particles were Phrae (218.08 micrograms), Lamphun (192.1 micrograms), Phayao (123.5 micrograms) and Chiang Rai (123.5 micrograms).

“The excessive level of these small dust particles can affect the health of locals,” Chukiat Pongsiriwan said yesterday in his capacity as head of Phrae’s Natural Resources and Environment Office.

The PCD measured levels of small dust particles in the North yesterday as part of its airquality monitoring operations. To tackle the problem, the PCD called on authorities to prevent people from burning garbage, agricultural scraps and dry leaves.

Public Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr Paijit Warachit said smoke from the fires could hurt locals’ health. “It affects the heart, blood vessels, respiratory systems, skin and eyes,” he said.

People in smokefilled areas should wear masks to cover their mouth and nose, Paijit said. “If you experience eye irritation or tightness in the chest, please seek medical help.”

NOTE: Most of the masks sold in Thailand are NOT SUFFICIENT to keep out the PM10, but hey you look cool!

Lamphun Governor Surachai Khanarsa said he had declared 287 villages as forestfire control zones to prevent the fires from worsening air quality.

Meanwhile, Chiang Mai public health chief Dr Wattana Kanjanakamon said large amounts of smoke in the air in his province had caused the number of patients to increase by 10 per cent this month.

“We have seen a higher incidence of respiratory problems,” he said.

Although the amount of small dust particles was within safe limits in Chiang Mai, the threat was increasing, according to governor ML Panadda Disakul.

“We have prepared necessary measures. If the dust particles reach a critical level, we will ask the Agriculture Ministry to make artificial rain,” Panadda said.

Note: They can  do what they did a couple of years ago, and ban Korean barbeques; and yes, I’m serious.



Several times a year, airports have to turn on their ‘landing lights’ during daylight hours; and somewhat rare, their have been flight cancellations.


personal thought:

If you have any sort of health condition, such as emphysema or asthma, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you AVOID Nothern Thailand between 15-Feb and 15-Apr.


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Chiang Mai – The Restaurant – at the Chedi

Via: Wall Street Journal

For many people, the mention of Chiang Mai brings images of ancient temples, gentle elephants and adventure sports – charming and rustic, but without the glamour of Bali, Koh Samui or even parts of Bangkok.

But gourmet Indian food?

Thailand’s “Rose of the North” is increasingly defined by more than just its mountains and temples, as it successfully lures many Thais, foreign expatriates and tourists to its bustling city center. As part of that trend, the Chedi Chiang Mai, a resort of boutique-luxury specialists General Hotel Management (GHM) Ltd., opened its doors in 2006 to become the first five-star hotel located along the Ping River.

The resort, just steps away from Chiang Mai’s famed night market and Sunday Walking Street, has been constructed around what was once the British Consulate. If the US$300 price-tag for a night at the hotel sounds a bit much, opt for the next best thing – a meal at The Chedi’s restaurant, simply named The Restaurant, housed in the former consulate’s early 20th-century colonial villa.

Though the hotel management is aware that location is one of the key factors behind the hotel and restaurant’s success, initial visitors were not wild about The Restaurant’s menu. Reviewers raved about the hotel’s “exceptional” rooms, surroundings and spa, but not so much the food, which critics deemed sub-par.

In 2010, though, the menu underwent a re-launch, propelling the restaurant into one of the top dining experiences in Chiang Mai.

Read more, HERE:



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