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(1 of 2) Thailand – ANOTHER Lewd Thai Music VDO Goes Viral

Via: Thaivisa – TanNetwork

Another music VDO has gone viral in Thailand. This time it’s a new R&B music VDO with lewd lyrics featuring bikini-clad girls dancing and posing their legs like the shape of the letter “M.” A psychiatrist fears such a music VDO could lead to more premature sex and unplanned pregnancy.

A YouTube VDO by a group of R&B artists that are calling themselves “illslick” has gone viral in Thailand. In just 5 days the VDO has attracted as many as 280,000 hits (as at 3PM on Feb 13, 2012). The song has been posted without the official music VDO by other users of a popular VDO sharing site. The lyric of the song asks girls to pose and open their legs like the shape of the letter “M.” The music VDO also features women in bikinis and lingerie posing their legs so.

The song has also become a big hit in pubs and entertainment venues in Thailand. Thai teens have been emulating the dance movements in the MV and posted them online. They are posting VDOs of their dancing and singing to the song, M-Leg, online to compete who has the sexiest VDO.

Rabiebrat Pongpanit, the former chairwoman of the Association for Promoting Warmth and Happiness in Families, says she’s Thailand is a free society, so free that there’s a marked lack of the sense of social responsibility. She’s called for the relevant government authorities to address the issue.


Psychiatrist Dr. Wallop Piyamanodham says, based on his work and research, MVs with provocative and sexual nature are produced with those with an attention-deficiency complex.

The psychiatrist said the maker of the VDO feels the need to create such a VDO to attract attention and earn the approval from his peers.

The doctor also expressed his disbelief at a group of secondary school students who’ve organized a stripping contest. In the contest, female students of a well-known highschool would take a photo of themselves, in their school uniform, in sexy poses and post them online. The student who attracted the most number of hits by midnight on Valentine’s Day will be hailed as the winner.

Dr. Wallop also called for teachers, parents and the Culture Ministry to take a more active role to restore the beautiful culture of Thailand.



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