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Pattaya – A Finn Caught With a 9 mm Czech Gun in a Pattaya Beer-Bar

Via: Pattaya Dily News

Pol.Lt.Col. Pongrapee Loysai-or, Banglamung  police station and  Pol.Snr.Sgt.Maj. Chatchai Rakkwamshorp arrested Mr. Kai “Moski” Koski,  age, 58 Finnish citizen in possession of a Czech CZ 75d, automatic 9 mm pistol, five cartridges and a leather holster. No registration, no license.

Mr. Koski was arrested in beer-bar named  “Barbie” (see photo) in  209/22 Soi Khaotalo, M10, Banglamung, Chonburi.  The police could arrest the suspect  because a good citizen in the beer-bar saw a foreigner with tattooed  arms carrying a gun.

After the police was notified they went straight  to the beer-bar  and found Mr. Kai “Moski” Koski. The police conducted a body search   and found the pistol  which was confiscated as evidence.

Mr. Kai “Moski” Koski  said that he had bought the weapon from a Thai man, the owner a tattoo studio in North Pattaya. He had paid 50,000 THB ($1,612USD) for the Czech 9 mm pistol. He said that he needed it for self-protection (yeah, right) but had no intention to hurt anyone (yeah, right) or make any trouble (yeah, right). Mr.Koski was  charged illegal possession of a  fire arm and openly carrying a weapon in a public place. A formal investigation will follow.


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