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Pattaya – German Knifed By His Drunk Thai Girl Friend

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pattaya police and was notified about a stabbing incident, a German tourist was knifed by his Thai girl sustaining severe injuries.The stabbing occurred at room number 507 Marina Place hotel at 111/253 in Soi Buakhao, South Pattaya, Chonburi province.

At the crime scene the police found Mr. Manuel Kregle age 58, German citizen bleeding with stab wounds on his back. The rescue officers provided first aid and sent him to Pattaya Memorial hospital.

He had been stabbed his Thai girl friend who was heavily drunk. Her face was swollen and blood stained from the fight. The police seized short blade folding knife which was used as a weapon.

Before then fight and the knifing Mr Manuel’s Thai girl friend drank alcohol copiously, got violently drunk and had a quarrel with Mr. Manuel Kregle in the room and a fight broke out leading to the stabbing.

Pattaya police detained Mr. Kregle’s Thai girl and she was taken to Pattaya police station jail.


When she sobers up the police will interrogate her for the exact cause of the stabbing. If found guilty she will be prosecuted according to the Thai law.





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