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(1 of 2) Pattaya – Russian loses his shirt

Via: Pattaya

 Russian Tourist arrived at Pattaya Police Station early on Monday Morning wearing only his underwear after his clothes were stolen while he went for a late-night swim on Pattaya Beach.

Mr. Sergi ‘dumb-ass’ Marushko aged 30 explained to Police that he decided to go for the swim at the northern-end of Pattaya Beach and when he returned to the beach his clothes had disappeared and there were no witnesses who could explain who took them.

Inside his trouser pocket was 1,500 ($50 USD) Baht in cash and luckily his credit cards, passport and other personal items are safely locked-up in a room safe back at his Hotel. We understand that one kind-hearted Police Officer purchased a T-Shirt and pair of shorts for Mr. Marushko who returned to his Hotel where he awaits news from Police about the recovery of his shirt and trousers.


Helpful ‘Travel Tip’: for 1,500 baht you can hire one of the hundreds of lady-boys workin’ the beach; who will rob you in the comfort of your room.

‘Russians get beating after gender bender’


And hey, you’re welcome.



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