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Pattaya: Swiss man arrested following gun incident at housing estate

Via: Pattaya One

A Swiss man is behind bars following reports he expelled a firearm three times in the direction of his neighbor’s house after complaining about excessive noise.

Police were called to the Pattaya Ruengreung Village in North Pattaya on Tuesday afternoon and spoke with Khun Tawatchai aged 29 who explained to Police he was enjoying the last day of the New Year with his family when Mr. Iwan Exner aged 49 from Switzerland, who lives next door, shouted at him to turn down the volume of the music.  (Did Khun Tawatchai turn the volume down? Oh hell no!)

He then allegedly produced a gun and fired three times into the property. Two of the shots hit Khun Tawatchai’s pick-up which was parked in the driveway and the other went through glass close to the front entrance, narrowly missing Khun Tawatchai’s wife and young daughter who ran inside when they saw the gun.

Police were called and found Mr. Exner drinking with friends at a nearby convenience store inside the Village. He was arrested and taken back to his house where the firearm and three packets of bullets were recovered.

During the arrest, it is claimed by Police that Mr. Exner attempted to escape when handcuffs were repositioned and was kicked and punched by a Police Volunteer in the back of a Police vehicle as full-time officers looked-on. Mr. Exner was taken to Banglamung Police Station and charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm and use of the weapon in a public place.

The charge could be elevated to attempted murder following the conclusion of the Police investigation which is ongoing at this time.


personal thought:

Thialand can, at times, be incredibly noisy; often at 2am.

Instead of pulling out and firing a gun, and possibly killing someone, I suggest the following:

Go to ANY drugstore, and buy a set of foam-rubber ear plugs (see photo for example).

And YES, I know you shouldn’t have to do this, but . . .



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