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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – Africans arrested for duping Thai out of 2.8 million baht in ‘black bag’ scam

Via: Pattaya Mail

Two Africans were arrested for allegedly swindling 2.8 million baht ($90,000 USD) from a Thai man who fell for their suspected currency counterfeiting scam.

Musa Abdallah Gaddafi , 22, of Libya, and Amala Couple, 19, of Angola were captured in their rented Pattaya room with two black bags, paper and various chemicals and powders.

Southern Thailand native Suwapot ‘dumb-ass’ Kitpokha, 31, said he was invited to join the two Africans in their venture to create fresh, legal currency from scrap paper and suitcases, but was later shocked (SHOCKED, I’d say!) to find the venture was a fraud.

Grifters have long used the “black bag” trick to swindle victims by placing blank paper and some chemicals into a suitcase, shaking it and pulling out real currency from a hidden compartment. The con artist then hits up their marks for more cash, allegedly for more of the magic chemicals.

Police, believing the Africans are part of a larger fraud ring, are holding them pending more investigation.



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