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Pattaya – Two African Counterfeiters Arrested In Pattaya

Via Pattaya Saily News

Pattaya  police arrested two suspects, money forgers: Mr. Musa Abdallah age 22, Libyan citizen and Mr. Amala Covele age 19, Angolan national, together with various equipment for making fake banknotes: two big suitcases, one safe and counterfeiting equipment: paper, chemicals, and powder. The police detained the two suspects.

At the police station, Mr. Supoj Kitporka age 29, from Kalapo road, Anauroo, Pattanee province, the owner of a hotel in Pattaya said that he was persuaded by the two foreigners Mr. Musa Abdallah and Mr. Amala Covele to strike a deal but was cheated out of more than 2.8 million THB ($90,322 U.S.D)  in return for counterfeit banknotes.

The police arrenged with Mr. Supoj to make an undercover appointment with the two foreigners at the hotel and when they arrived, the police followed them to their room and found all the equipment to make counterfeit money and the safe.

The police detained the suspects. They will be prosecuted according to the Thai law. Pattaya police will arrest rest of counterfeit gang still at large in Pattaya.


personal thought:

If someone offers you a ‘currency exchange deal that sounds too good to be true’, it is; too good to be true!



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