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Pattaya – Jet Ski Operators detain tourists

Via: Pattaya Daily News

“Jet ski Pattaya” caused damage to the good image of Pattaya (that’s a laugh), beating and detaining Ukraine tourists and demanding 100,000 Baht for the damage which was much expensive than the actual cost.


Chonburi province together with tourist police from 4 control division 2, rushed to investigate in front of the Welcome hotel, 2nd Pattaya road, south Pattaya after having been notified by the Ukrainian tourists that they had been beaten and detained by jet ski rental operatives and demanded a sum that was more expensive than the real cost.

When police arrived at the scene they found Ms. Elena age 23, Ms. Anastasia age 25 and Mr. Tata age 29, all Ukrainian tourists talking with Mr. Sarayuth Jaemad age 34 and Mr. Nattaphum Phumnok age 25, from the rental jet ski company in front of the Royal Department Store, south Pattaya, the officer asked the Ukrainian tourists what happened before the incident occurred, 5 Ukraine tourists, 2 women and 3 men had rented 3 jet skies from Mr. Sarayuth for 30 minutes for 700 THB but the 3 jet ski’s showed a some scrape damage but Mr. Sarayuth asked for the damage costs from Ms. Elena, the rider of Prai Kaew jet ski 400 US dollars and from Ms. Anastasia, the rider of Kor Kaew jet ski 1,288 US dollars and from Mr. Tata, the rider of Olive jet ski 700 US dollars, which were together approximately 78,000 THB.

The Jet Ski operators squeezed the neck of Ms. Elena before taking the 3 tourists to get money at their hotel room in the Welcome hotel, south Pattaya and detained of the male tourists for guarantee at the beach in front of the Royal department store, south Pattaya, until they got the full amount of money for the jet ski damage, they then released the tourists but the Ukrainians thought that it was not justified and although frightened they called to consult with their friend of the same nationality, he advised them to ask for assistance from the police.

From the investigation Mr. Sarayuth, of the rental jet ski, said that he didn’t beat the tourists and the tourists agreed to pay and told him they would get the money from their hotel room and let the 2 guys wait as the guarantee at the beach and then took Mr. Sarayuth and friend to get the money from the hotel.

Initially, the officer asked to have a look at the 3 scraped jet skies to inspect the damage but Mr. Sarayuth told the officer that he had already moved them for repair to the jet ski garage, therefore the officer helped to bargain the price for the damage until they agreed a reasonable price of 10,000 THB ($323 USD) EACH and the officer made a daily report for evidence (oh, that’s helpful).


The reporter said that there were always events like this occurring with foreign and Thai tourists, especially in the late evening when it is difficult to see the traces of scrapes or collisions whether it is old or new. The provincial governor should solve this problem urgently to build the good image and well known reputation of this tourist town all over the world as a place to come back.



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