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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pattaya – 31 Khmer Beggars Including Babies Caught

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Aroon Prompan said that he mobilized his teams to protect the tourists in Pattaya by order of the Pol. Maj. Gen. Adis Ngarmjitsuksri after he was notified that there were many foreign beggar gangs operating in Pattaya.

The beggars modus operandi, mothers carrying babies on the sidewalks of Second Road Pattaya.

At the crime scene they found many Cambodian beggar gang always with mothers carrying babies. The police arrested the whole bunch 31 beggars, divided to 15 mothers and 16 children age 1-10. Upon investigation it was discovered that all of them escaped to Chonburi province illegally from Cambodia.

They confessed that they escaped into Thailand via Sakaew international border and had begged at many locations in Pattaya.

The police believes that there must be a gang leader who brought them into Thailand.

Pattaya police will investigate all the beggars and prosecute them according to the law. Thereafter they will be sent back to the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia.



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