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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand – Huay Yai woman opens home to animal-loving flood victims

Via: Pattaya Mail

A Huay Yai homeowner has opened the gates of her large home to victims of Bangkok’s flood crisis.

Jongkolnee Jankhet, 47, fled to her Huay Yai residence after her primary house in Bangkok’s Rangsit neighborhood was flooded in mid-October. Realizing government and charity shelters will not take evacuees with pets, she decided throw open the gates of her 3-rai estate to animal lovers in need.

Eight families – 25 people and 120 pets – responded to her ad on a Thai Internet message board. They’re now staying on the first floor of two houses and in an outside sala. Jongkolnee said she is offering them refuge for free.

One of those taking refuge is 67-year-old Wirat Taengngam, his wife and 12 dogs. Water in their Rangsit home was chest deep and he’d planned to rent an apartment in Pattaya, but couldn’t find any that accepted pets. He thanked Jongkolnee for generosity that helped him keep his “family” together.


My goodness, what a kind thing to do!


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