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( 1 of 2) Chiang Rai Police find 12 Dead Bodies in Chiang Saen

Via: Chiang Rai Times

The bodies of three Chinese men, their hands tied and handcuffed behind their backs, were found on Friday, and another nine bodies, also thought to be Chinese, were found yesterday.

Police said most of the nine bodies had also been blindfolded, tied and handcuffed.

The dead men are believed to have crewed two Chinese-flagged cargo ships which were hijacked by drug traffickers on Wednesday.

The bodies have been sent to Chiang Saen hospital for an autopsy.

Pol Col Popkorn Khuncharoensuk, Chiang Saen police chief, said he would ask the Department of Special Investigation to step in.

Authorities from the Chinese embassy had been informed of the discovery and yesterday travelled to Chiang Saen to inspect the bodies.

The grisly discovery has affected business in the district. Nikom Wiboonrungruang, a manager of Chiang Saen Shipping Company Ltd, said about 10 Chinese-flagged cargo ships were moored at Chiang Saen port as they dared not travel back to China due to safety concerns.

The first find came on Friday when the body of a handcuffed Chinese man was found near the Chiang Saen port.



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