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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai to get new ‘green’ mall

Via: Bangkok Post

Korakoth Kunalungkarn, executive vice-president of the architecture firm Interior Architecture 103 Co, noted visitors go to community malls for shopping, playing, eating, entertaining, medical care, beauty, banking or family leisure. Many prefer community malls to shopping malls because they can avoid the crowds and noise.

Ms Korakoth is responsible for the interior design of the new Promenada Resort community mall in Chiang Mai. She divided it into two buildings to serve different target groups.

One will serve families with a supermarket, home decoration, sporting goods, fashion, education, health & beauty, banks and fine dining while the other will serve teenagers with entertainment, cinema, sports, karaoke, skating and
fast food.

“The concept is green and fresh,” she said.

“A canal will run through the middle of the plot to separate the two buildings harmoniously. We want the mall to feel like a resort,” he said.

Pajitpong Pongsivapai, managing director of the landscape architecture firm Inside Out Design Co, said the landscape design would use organic forms to create a natural feeling and relaxing atmosphere.

A terraced garden and farm, a moat and a waterfall will be incorporated into the design.

In addition, an amphitheatre for events and a walking street will be included.

“This mall will have several outdoor spaces, so Chiang Mai’s pleasant weather throughout the year will be a factor, (except of course for the seven-month rainy-season, and the two-month smokey season; it’s very pleasant)” said Ms Korakoth.

The plot is 58 rai, though 40% will be open space. It has a gross area of 91,951 square metres and net leasable area of approximately 50,000 sq m, and is expected to be complete by the end of 2012 (hmmm, it sounds like a very ambitious completion date to me).

The Promenada will be the largest community mall in Thailand. Most community malls are 20,000 sq m.

The project will be developed by the Dutch firm ECC International Real Estate with an investment of around 2.9 billion baht ($93.5 million USD). Some 40% of the leasable area is booked.


Assuming they pull it off, it sounds a very good addition to Chiang Mai.



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