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Itchy ear has Thailand scratching

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Thailand’s itchiest issue is spreading overseas, with Australia’s The Age picking up the story of  Ja Turbo, a 20-year-old student who found fame by singing about her itchy ears while scratching at her nether regions on stage.

Thailand hasn’t seen a controversy like this since the great Songkran breast-baring incident of April (see below). Over the past few weeks it has remained the talk of the town, everyone from taxi drivers to celebrity talk show hosts to the Culture Ministry has been weighing in on Ja and her hit song, “Khan Hoo.”

“Khan hoo” means “itchy ears,” a Thai idiom that suggests somebody is talking about you. That’s not what has people scratching. The song contains some obvious double entendres that many Thai listeners say are best reserved for the bedroom, while if you change around a few vowels in the word “hoo” you have the Thai slang for vagina.

Combine this with Ja’s accompanying scantily clad performance and busy fingers and you have all the usual conservatives coming out of the woodwork to condemn her as an affront to Thai culture and values. The video of her performance has been watched on YouTube more than 16 million times.

In reality, Ja — real name Nongpanee Mahadthai — says she’s just a poor second-year management student trying to pay her way through university and is nothing like her onstage persona. But clearly, her sexy antics are paying off. As well as all those YouTube views, her Facebook page has ramped up to over 19,000 “likes.”


‘Bangkok topless teenage revevelers fine b500 for obsentity’

note: Not a ho to be seen.



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