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Thailand: Ex-Massage Parlor Tycoon Rubs Away Thailand’s Police Chief


When voters recently elected a crude, joke-cracking, former massage parlor tycoon to parliament, no one expected him to immediately unleash a video sting against Thailand’s biggest illegal casino, and topple the country’s chief of police, plus the military-installed head of the National Security Council.

“I have been removed for a reason which has nothing to do with my ability or my shortcomings,” Thawil Pliensri, the ousted National Security Council secretary-general, said on September 7.

All the chaos and drama is thanks to the wise guy tactics of Chuvit Kamolvisit, who has even upset the U.S. State Department.

The American Embassy refused to issue Mr. Chuvit a visa to meet his two daughters and former wife in San Diego, California, because he previously owned several huge Bangkok massage parlors packed with sex workers and openly admitted to bribing police, he said.


Now, instead of bribing cops, he is using his new seat in parliament to expose police who allegedly profit from lavish, illegal gambling dens equipped with baccarat tables, roulette wheels, card games and other betting games.

Most gambling is illegal in this Buddhist-majority country, though lotteries are permitted.

Mr. Chuvit, who boasts of being a hedonist, favors legalizing gambling and heads a tiny, four-man opposition Rak Thailand (“Love Thailand”) party, which he uses as a personal soapbox.

After winning a July election, he stunned parliament in August by displaying an elaborate video sting he arranged which allegedly showed Thailand’s biggest illegal casino was protected by police.

There are more than 170 illegal gambling dens of various sizes in Bangkok, winning a total of up to $6 billion each year — with five to 20 percent of the profits allegedly paid to bribe police ($300m to $1.2b) – according to Rajabhat University’s Good Governance program.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal gambling sites exist throughout Thailand.

Mr. Chuvit said he exposed the biggest one, which raked in about $500,000 every night from 1,000 gamblers in the heart of Bangkok.


He defended his former legally licensed massage parlors, which included the Copacabana, Victoria’s Secret, Honolulu, Hi Class, Emmanuel, and Julianna.

“I say, ‘What’s wrong about the massage parlor? What’s wrong? People who don’t have sex is wrong.’ It’s not about the massage parlor is wrong.

“Yes, this is Thailand. I accept that the massage parlor is the biggest sex business in the world.”

But the government and public remain hypocritical.

“If you ask them, ‘Does Thailand have the sex business? They will say, ‘NO’. ‘Does Thailand do the illegal casino?’ They say, ‘Oh NO, we are the Buddhists, we cannot do anything like that’.”


You can read the entire article, HERE:



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