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Pattaya – Two French Credit Card Criminals Arrested In Pattaya

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol.Lt. Pallop  Ringrod, Pattaya police was informed  about a  foreigner stealing  ATM password codes from  tourists in  Soi 5 in front of Central Department Store,  Second Road, Pattaya.

At the scene. The police  arrested a  foreigner: Mr Moul Ffok Joei age 27 French citizen detained  by the victim, Mr Bruno Roger Motsch aged 48,  French national with his Thai wife.

Mr Bruno Roger Motsch, said that while he and his wife were withdrawing  money from the Kasikorn Thai Bank ATM machine of in front  Family Mart,  Soi Old Palladium, Second Road Pattaya.

Mr Moul Ffucker Joei, the suspect walked to the ATM machine and asked  Mr Bruno to allow him to see his credit card whether it was the same type because Mr Moul Ffucker Joei could not withdraw money from the ATM machine. When Mr Bruno let him see his credit card, Mr Moul Ffucker Joei switched  Mr Bruno’s ATM card with another ATM card.  Mr Bruno became alarmed,  shouted to have his credit card back, but the suspect fled the scene.

With help from the bystanders Mr Bruno ran after him and detained him 300 meters from the ATM machine.

Upon inspecting Mr Moul Ffucker Joei the police found one foreign credit card  card device for copying  password codes from the victims credit cards.

The suspect did not confess.

The case in under investigation.


‘Two French Credit Card Criminals’

Mr Joei, but who was the second?





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