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Thailand – Police raid amateur sexvideo operation in Korat

Via: The Nation

Police yesterday arrested three Britons and six Thai nationals at a house in Nakhon Ratchasima for allegedly running an online sex show that fed footage for broadcast in a UK town.

Ina Radal Davies, a Welshman, said he earned around Bt100,000  each day from running the business for over a year  and did not think it was in violation of Thai laws. The two other foreign suspects are Englishmen Mark Sotell and Kieth Goovyer.

He said the Thais, four women and one transvestite – none of them under age – were performing of their own will and were paid Bt1,500 daily, He said he also earned Bt75 per minute of sex chats between the girls and clients, who want to talk apart from watching.

All nine suspects have been charged with distributing pornographic material, and the two Thai men – Kittisak Saetang and Issara Rakwiset – additionally with drug use, after their urine tests proved positive.


100,000 baht per day x 30.30 = $30,300

$30,300 x 365 = $11,060,600 per year


And the defense will be, “I didn’t think it was in violation of Thai law”

yeah, that should work


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