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Pattaya – “Mad” Norwegian Pours Out His Stuff At Police Station

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol. Lt. Col. Ratta Pratumkaew Deputy Superintendent Pattaya Police was notified about  was a confused foreigner pouring out his luggage; clothes,  notebook computers and various other items outside the police station in Pattaya.

At the scene a large Norwegian male, age 30 with a shaved head, dressed in white undershirt,  jeans, canvas shoes, carrying the luggage on his shoulder shouting, “Thai woman is not good!” opening his luggage to pour out:  two notebook computers, clothes and other items. He said he did not want the stuff anymore and left the police station without  a word.

Pol.Lt.Col. Ratta  Pratumkaew, Deputy Superintendent kept the Norwegian man’s belongings at the station and said that he didn’t know why the Norwegian man acted like he did. The police will look after his belongings and wait till he feels better and returns to collect his stuff.


personal thought:

I believe Pattaya has the highest per capita population of ‘bat-shit insane’ people in the world, bar none!

But then again, the Norwegian didn’t take off his undershirt jeans, and canvas shoes; so he doesn’t count.




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