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Phuket: Tuk-tuks: no more beatings, blockades – warns Phuket police chief

Via: Phuket Gazette

The commander of the Phuket Provincial Police yesterday ordered the tuk-tuk drivers responsible for beating two Dutch tourists in Patong earlier this month to turn themselves in or face stiffer punishment.

Commander Pekad Tantipong and Kathu Police Superintendent Arayapan Pukbuakao chaired a meeting with representatives of tuk-tuk co-operatives at Patong Police station to discuss the beating of Unobovd Alcawbimel, 19, and Bootaman Frans Jelle, 20, on August 1.

Maj Gen Pekad also reprimanded the tuk-tuk drivers for blockading Soi Bangla in protest following the beating.

The fight broke out in the early hours of August 1 allegedly after the two tourists refused to pay 1,000 baht in damages after one of them walked into a parked tuk-tuk.

A police officer nearby tried to intervene, but was allegedly restrained by the assailants. To end the fracas, the policeman fired a warning shot into the air, reports said.

The tuk-tuk drivers then set up a blockade in front of Soi Bangla to protest “unfair treatment” by police.

The two Dutchmen were treated at Patong Hospital for injuries sustained in the fight.

“This type of behavior will only ruin Phuket’s reputation as a tourist destination and cause trouble for people,” he added.


personal thought:

A 1000 baht ‘extortion fee’ for walking into a tuk-tuk; and this will ruin Phuket’s reputation?

Well,  about ten’f’n-years too late for me.


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