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Pattaya – Tourist Bit By Pouncing Tiger at “Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya” Croc Farm

Via: Pattaya Daily News

The Pattaya Daily News reporter went to Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital after he was informed of an injured local tourist who was pounced  and bit by a tiger. The incident took place at the Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm.

At the Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital, the victim, Mrs Pornpimon Sae-ui, age 48, was treated for her injuries, the tiger bite on her arm and bruises on her face.

Ms Patcharin Dokpikul, the victim’s cousin, said that before the incident, she and the victim took their Finnish friend for sight seeing in Pattaya and went to the Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm.

While the victim was taking a photo of the tiger and following the instructions of the tiger master, the tiger pounced on her and bit her, shocking  all the tourists. Ms Patcharin and the staff took the victim to the hospital. The zoo will take full responsability and pay for the hospital expenses.


personal thought:

Even with the tigers being DOPED, which they are; given half a change, they’re going to bite your ass!

C’mon, they’re WILD TIGERS, for Gawd sake.



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