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Breaking News: Pattaya Officially Changes Name to ‘The Infamous Seaside Resort of Pattaya’


THE INFAMOUS SEASIDE RESORT OF PATTAYA — Known worldwide as a den of crime and vice, Pattaya municipal officials have decided to embrace its reputation by officially renaming the city “The Infamous Seaside Resort of Pattaya”.

Explaining the decision, Mayor Tik Kunplome said, “We found that almost every international press report referred to us as ‘the infamous seaside resort’. Rather than waste more money trying to brand our city as a family-friendly destination, we’ve decided that the moniker will help bring in more of those tourists to whom we cater best. Let’s not pretend anymore. Sex, drugs, prostitution — this shit sells.”

The mayor said to generate fresh international publicity for The Infamous Seaside Resort of Pattaya, police would raid go-go bars, briefly detain some of the town’s best-known pedophiles, throw a few old foreigners off balconies, and ask the town’s waxworks museum to resurrect its Hitler billboard.

— 2011-07-29



Pattaya’s first-ever St. Patrick’s Day parade was temporarily  upstaged by a naked British man who stumbled out of a beer bar sans  clothing for a stroll down the parade route.

Wandering amid traffic on Second Road about two blocks ahead of the  oncoming March 17 parade, the unnamed man appeared drunk and oblivious to the commotion he was causing. Apparently, it wasn’t the first time.

Witnesses reported the man had been drinking at a Soi 6/1 beer bar  where he was said to frequently get drunk and strip down. This time the  Brit’s nudist celebration was stopped by three Thai city volunteers  helping stage the Irish holiday festivities.

Organizers planted the dazed streaker on the sidewalk while his clothes were located, no one caring enough to even hand the man a towel to cover up. Finally a local expat waiting for the parade offered him a jacket to wrap around him.

Eventually, the man’s pants arrived and, after some prodding, he was persuaded to put them back. He managed to escape arrest for indecent exposure when the beer bar owner escorted him back to his barstool where the rest of his clothes, and likely another beer, were waiting

Via: ‘The Infamous Seaside Resort of Pattaya – Mail’




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