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‘Mr. Jane’ and ‘Mr. Uma’ (Thurman?) Pick Pocket Russian Tourist

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pol.Col. Somchai Chaikananukul, Pattaya Police was informed of a pick pocket incidence near Royal Garden Plaza.

At the scene, Mr “Jane” 16,Thai national and Mr Uma Heang, 21, Combodian, the lady boy suspects, were captured along with the evidence, victim’s wallet containing  THB 1,000  and some documents, belonging to the victim, Mr Petr Chernov, 50, a Russian tourist.

The victim stated that before the theft  the suspects had  offered sexual services to him and his friends, but they refused. Thereafter, he found that his wallet was stolen so he tried to catch them but they ran to the beach and were caught people who witnessed the incident.

Mr. Jane confessed that he was a student at a secondary school in Pattaya and had had pick pocketed  many times.

As for Mr Uma, he claimed that was not a pick pocket. Mr “Jane” stole the victim’s wallet  and gave Mr Uma the wallet who claimed he did not know it was stolen. However, the victim and witnesses insisted that the two suspects pick-pocketed together.

The suspects were charged with theft and detained for prosecution.


just a thought:

EVEN for PATTAYA, Mr. Jane and Mr. Uma, are the homliest lady-boys, EVER!

As I said, just a thought.



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