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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Purple Pee a-plenty in Pattaya’s Karaoke Raid

Via: Pattaya Daily News (formerly ‘News of the World’)

Police Captain Nhophdon Raksawong and Police Sub-Lieutenant Pallop Ringrod, Police Station Pattaya, togetrher with a male and a female police official, went to block the karaoke areas at Theprasit 8-9 Moo 10 Nongphrue Banglamung Chonburi; after having received complaints about the young ladies working in those karaoke bars assembling drugs within the bar. Some of the female employees are still under the age of 18. The police therefore blocked the area and checked over 50 karaoke bars. The employees were required to show their identification cards and had to undergo a urine test to check their urine for the presence of drugs.

After the urine tests, it turned out that 17 female employees, 12 of whom were of the age 20-30, had shown a positive test for drugs in addition to another 5 male workers. The 17 female workers, found to have purple urine, all confessed to having used the drug ‘Yaba’. They also claimed that they are usually given it for free by a group of customers and teenagers. After arresting the employees involved, the police are continuing to look for more detailed information before proceeding further according to the law.



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