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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai students rank 8th in classroom manners


Thailand has been included in the list of top ten countries whose students have the very best classroom manners, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Japan was found to have students with the best classroom manners, followed by students from Kazakhstan, China (Shanghai), Hong Kong, Romania, South Korea and Azerbaijan. Thailand was ranked eighth in the list, followed by Albania and Russia.

It can be seen that seven out of the ten nations are in Asia while the other three are in Europe. Among the rest on the list, England was in the 28th place, above France and Italy.

The study conducted in 2009 found that students worldwide talked or interrupted classes less compared with those in 2000. It was earlier worrying that students worldwide would talk or interrupt classes more; however, the survey has proven that students have improved their manners.

Sounds like a great place to come and teach, huh?


Well hang on, you might want to read some of the comments:


“Is this survey for schools only?

Do most of the Thai kids become misbehaved when they start university?

They chat on phones, answer phones

Talk to each other

Walk off in the middle of the class to smoke

Are absent every other day

Come to class late

Don’t do their assignments

Some even apply/ repair their make-up in class among lots of other things

And all this in the middle of a lecture

It will be a bad thing to generalize as I have had a few really good Thai students.”


This is a fairly new topic on the board, and it will interesting to read the other comments; but I suspect this one, will be fairly typical.


Well, if the students are so well mannered, they must be doing well on the test scores, right?

Actually, not so good.



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