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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – the Duke’s Restaurant

Via: Chiang Mai Chimes

The Duke’s is all about FOOD. Lots and lots of it. Without any doubt, The Duke’s is the best known and best loved American Restaurant in Chiang Mai.

The enduring quality of The Duke’s is down to one man, Dave, the owner, a restaurateur from California, who ensures that no compromises are made in the quality of the ingredients used and the high standards of preparation.

The portions are indeed enormous and it is a common sight to see replete customers leaving with a “Doggy Bag”  clutched in their hands.’s.html



Q1: Do they have a good menu?

A1: yeah, man!

Here’s the menu, via, Chiang Mai’s – Meals on Wheel’s

note: However, I’m not sure if the menu is up and running during NON-business hours.


Q2: Tell me the truth, is the food any good?

A2: I believe if this restaurant was in any U.S. city or town, there would be customers waiting outside on any given Friday or Saturday night!

Seriously; the food, service, ambiance is THAT GOOD!


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