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Pattaya: Tourist Released Although Found Guilty (?) Of Fraud

Via: Pattaya Daily News

Pattaya police released a Liberian tourist because the money exchange teller did not wish to press charges against him for fraud currency.

Pattaya Police Department was notified that a foreigner had used fraud money to exchange for Thai Baht at a money exchange booth on Walking Street, South Pattaya.

According to one of the tellers, ‘Davis Henry Shakie’, 33 approached the booth with several foreign $100 bills and enquired to exchange about 180,000 Baht in Thai currency.

Note: 180,000 baht at 30 baht to the dollar = $6,000 = 60 ‘$100 bills’


One of the tellers gave the Liberian customer his Thai money, while the other counted the cash and discovered that there were many $1 banknotes hidden in a pile of $100 bills.

The cashier confronted the tourist but he ran away after denying that those $1 notes were among his pile of cash, the teller told the police who arrived at the scene within minutes.

The police caught Davis at Wat Chaimongkon intersection and found the cash as reported by the teller.

However, the currency exchange cashier did not wish to press charges against the Liberian tourist, the police said.

‘Thereofre Davis’ was released after he returned all the Thai cash to the teller upon request, the police added.

Note: I thought the bad guy was ‘Davis Henry Shakie’; so who is ‘Thereofre Davis’, and what did he do wrong?

And, did he receive HIS ‘banknotes’ back?


personal thought:

I believe someone is ‘lying like a rug’; but I’ll be damned if I can figure out, who.





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