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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai – polar bears?

Via: Bangkok Post

Chiang Mai Zoo will go ahead with its controversial Polar World project despite fierce opposition from animal rights activists.

Zoo director Tanapattara Pongpamorn said yesterday the project was worth the investment and strictly adheres to international animal welfare guidelines.

Under the project, the zoo will import a pair of polar bears and some king penguins from foreign zoos. The polar animals will be kept in a 71 million baht enclosure, which is now 30% complete. Work will continue on the 2,909-square metre enclosure over the next two years.

The zoo anticipates that the enclosure will boost visitor numbers by half.

“We have done everything to follow the Association of Zoo and Aquarium’s guidelines, especially on natural habitats,” said Mr Tanapattara.

“We have a life support system in case of emergencies, together with plans to reduce the animals’ stress in a new environment.”


Nikom Phutta, secretary-general of the Thai Wildlife Protection Network, said polar bears living in confined spaces are prone to suffer from depression.

 The temperature of 18-22 (65- 72F) degrees inside the enclosure would be too hot for the animals, which normally live in FREEZING CONDITIONS.

“Polar bears in a Singaporean zoo have reportedly developed heat stress (see photo),” he said.



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