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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bangkok – topless teenage revellers fined B500 for obscenity

Via: Bangkok Post

The three surrendered to police last night, said Metropolitan Police Division 6 chief Suwat Jaengyotsuk.

As a mainly male audience cheered and the trio’s festive mood skyrocketed, they took off their shirts and danced topless on a car roof on Friday, the last day of the Songkran festival, near the intersection of Silom and Narathiwat
Ratchanakharin roads.

“They claimed they were not drunk,” said Pol Maj Gen Suwat.

They are aged between 14 and 16 years old, police said, and they were fined 500 (+/- $16.66 USD) baht each on obscenity charges.

Anybody who has distributed video footage of their topless dance over the internet should also face charges, Pol Col Monchai said.

Police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri said those who cheered the girls on and urged them to take off their clothes should be considered supporters of the crime, although they will not be prosecuted.

and meanwhile:

Meanwhile, Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombut swiftly ordered the removal of a painting of topless women from the the ministry website (see above) after speculation that it may have influenced the girls.

The website featured the watercolour painting by Somphop Butrach, depicting three topless women otherwise dressed in ancient Thai garments, welcoming the Thai New Year.

“Sometimes, art and obscenity overlaps,” Mr Nitwit said. But he said if people considered this painting to be indecent, he was worried that other artistic pictures and statues of topless women could no longer be displayed in public.

Or maybe we have to buy bras to cover up the Nang Ngueak and Peesua Samut sculptures to prevent obscenity,” he said, referring to a topless mermaid and female sea giant from the Phra Apai-manee legendary tale.


my thoughts:

1. I’m sure taking down the ‘art, or obenity’ from the Ministy of Culture website will stop teenage girls from checkin’ out the ‘art, or obenity’.

But, what about the Ministry of Energy, or the Ministry of Fisheries – huh? huh, huh?


2. I ALSO think the bra idea is BRILLIANT!

(.) (.)      (.) (.)      (.) (.)

then again, maybe not



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