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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Law on high-rise buildings needs updating

via: The Nation


In photo: Officials from a Chiang Mai administrative body inspect the damage caused to a high-rise building in the city after an earthquake hit Burma earlier this month. There are 40 buildings more than 15 stories high in downtown Chiang Mai.

The current law, under which buildings should be able to withstand tremors of up to 5 on the Richter scale, only covers structures that are over 23 metres in height.


Dr Amorn Pimanmas, chairman of a panel on structural and bridge engineering at the Engineering Institute of Thailand, said the amendment was necessary given that there are buildings like manufacturing plants, boilers and chemical plants that can be severely damaged in a quake, which take place more often now.

Amorn said the regulation issued in 2007 had not been updated and that its coverage of building types and areas as risk was not comprehensive. Under the current law only buildings that are more than 23 metres in height and built after 2007 are required to withstand earthquakes. The law does not cover structures like manufacturing plants both inside and outside industrial estates, boilers and commercial buildings.


Let’s see if I’ve got this:

– the current law only covers structures over 23 meters tall

Now let’s say the average floor is 3 to 3.5 meters tall, the number of floors in a 23-meter structuire would be 7 or 8, correcto mundo?

Soooo, presumably ALL BUILDINGS, including MY 8-story apartment, meet code for a 5.0 Richter scale quake.

YES?    NO?    MAYBE?

definate maybe, huh?

Oh well, mai pen lai



regarding the photo: Unless the Mae Ping River has flooded it banks again, I would guess that’s NOT Chiang Mai.


And I tell ya what; I’d feel a lot more confident about the information in The Nation, if someone would take the time to ‘proofread’.

I mean, JEEZ!


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