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We all live in a second-hand submarine!

via: Bangkok Post – Arglit Boonyai – 2 April, 2001


After 60 years of planning, the navy may finally get the weapons of their dreams – a FLEET of SIX shiny, new submarines.

Except they are not new, they are not shiny and I can’t for the life of me think what we are going to use them for.

Let’s start with the reasons for the purchase. Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban has defended the purchase, saying that the 7.7-billion-baht ($254M) procurement is “necessary for maritime territory protection”, and that “some countries in the region have submarines and could pose a threat to the national interests.”

Note: some countries in the region (specifically, neighboring countries):

Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia, and ‘land-locked’ Laos


Q: In the end, who is going to tell us why?

 If we were to ask the government, those responsible for the approval of military spending, the answer is obvious. They are willingly giving taxpayers partial ownership of a submarine, because they want to keep the military happy – and we all know why that is.

A: Votes, perhaps?


via: Bangkok Post

Surachart Bamrungsuk, a lecturer at Chulalongkorn University’s faculty of political science, said he disagreed with the prime minister’s plan to purchase the six submarines at a time when the country is facing economic hardship.

He said Thailand had NO REAL NEED for the submarines.

“I believe [the plan to buy the submarines] is a government populist policy to GAIN VOTES from military officers,” he said.


The story behind the very cool photo:


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